Blvk Tobacc Pistachio Salt 30ml

Blvk Tobacc Pistachio Salt takes tobacc to the next level by infusing it with the buttery taste of pistachios and the cool taste of pure menthol. The naturally nutty taste of cured tobacc enhanced by the savory pistachios. And a hint of sweetness adds delectable complexity to the flavor profile.

Each inhales hits the spot with that earthy, smoky tobacc taste. Then, the pistachio flavor emerges on the tip of the tongue, satisfying your nut cravings instantly. The sweetness of the tobacc becomes more and more prominent before a stream of cold menthol revitalizes you on the exhale.

BLVK Nic Salt Tobacc Pistachio comes in a 30ml unicorn bottle with an even VG/PG blend, perfect for vapers that just want to get the best possible throat hit during each vape session.

This nic salt e-liquid refreshes you while satisfying your tobacc cravings. What could be vaping better than that?

Primary Flavors: Pistachio, Tobacc, Menthol

Bottle Sizes: 30ml

Nic Level35mg and 50mg

VG/PG: 50%VG / 50%PG.

Recommended for use with Pod System Devices



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